Best Microphones in the $300 Range

Dave Jackson

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Audio Technica BP40 

Microphone #1 Was Audio Technica BP40 Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Broadcast Microphone The Audio-Technica AT8484 Shockmount for BP40 is an additional cost. I would recommend the Rode PSA1 Arm 

Heil PR40 

Microphone #2 Was the Heil PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone. There is a nice bundle with a boom arm and shock mount. You would still need a pop filter or Wind Screen

I had set the volume the same for all microphones and found them all were about the same. You might want to pick up a Fet head to boost the signal of the PR40

The Heil PR40 is somewhat popular for adding more bass to your voice (guys love it). 

Electrovoice RE320 

This is the microphone I used for years. 

Microphone #3 is the EV RE320 which costs $294. The Electro-Voice 309A Suspension Shockmount (for RE20 or RE27ND) is an additional cost. Here again, you need a pop filter or Wind Screen and a Rode PSA1 boom arm. There is a nice bundle

Why Did We Hear Microphone #3 Twice? 

(the RE320) because it has a bass roll-off switch, and for me (my opinion) I thought that was the best of the tree. The first two (to my ear) sounded almost identical. I love the shock mount for the BP40 (it is specially made for the microphone and makes getting the mic in and out super easy.

According to my kitchen food scale, the RE320 was the heaviest at 1.7 lbs, the BP40 was 1.66 lbs, and the PR40 was only 13.7 oz.

Here again, there is no bad choice. I use the Eletrovoice RE320, and none of the other microphones moved me to lose this mic. In the end, the difference between the three was minimal in my non “audio snob” ears.

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